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XtremeMac Accessories, LLC, manufactures products for Apple devices. It offers audio products, such as wireless wall and USB powered speakers; walls, chargers, and desktop chargers; cables, cable accessories, and splitters for headphones; cases; and accessories, including compact pens and sports wraps.

A disappointed customer shared this in a review, "Out of the box, it works great, sounds great, even looks pretty good. However, I started noticing over the course of a couple weeks it runs fast. How does a digital clock run fast? Well, that's a mighty fine question, I wish I knew. But about ever month or so I have to reset the time because it drifts ahead about 5-10 minutes. I can live with that. But now, as a previous review noted, it's started to ignore the alarm times and go off whenever it feels like. This is obviously not acceptable for an alarm clock and is worrying to say the least. Stay away from this model."


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Employee (Current Employee) says

"Since the spinoff from 3M, this company has had poor, short-sighted leadership, no vision, and no accountability. This sums to a definitive failure."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"This company has restructured so many times I don't think anyone knows what is going on. No clear direction. The company puts managers in place that have no management or people skills despite many complaints from employees. Training is minimal. No job growth. A very frustrating and stressful place for a newcomer.Totally dysfunctional! Cons: poor management, lack of direction and leadership, no hr support for employees."

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Since it is a medium-sized company, there will be different procedures for the work to follow up."

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good products. They allow the regional sales managers to work on their own without a lot input from corporate. The culture is good. The management is good. The culture is good Cons: Not a well known company"

Supply Chain Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Spent many years with the company but as more and more work was migrated to Taiwan in an attempt to save money, the work environment of the US employees deteriorated. A final mass layoff was made in Dec 2015 with $0 severance paid out to employees who deserved much greater respect. My final view of the company is dismal at best. Cons: Greedy Management"

IT (Former Employee) says

"A very challenging environment in which to work given the revenue reduction of mature data storage product lines and the limited growth of new and acquired technologies."

isobel1954 says

"Absolute shambles. They show a system described as wireless,show a pic without wires and when it arrives guess what,wires. Tried to return it and their 24 hour response took 4 days telling me that it was as described. I spent £12.98 to return it and they refunded me minus what I can only describe as an admin charge of nearly £6 which EBay agreed was against terms. So to sum up, I paid nearly £55 for a system that was not as described, returned it at my cost and was charged £6 admin for a system that they will resell to another mug."

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